Trotskyism as anti-communist propaganda

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Sun Sep 15 23:28:26 MDT 1996

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>> he speaks of L. G's "political
>trajectory." Would any one care to claim that anyone who can
>use that phrase is an honest illiterate?
>Its a standard spartacist phrase, frequently used by all their
>members and as such evidence only of Malecki's already admitted
>history with that group.
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Mr. Plant,

Ah now i understand what my crime is for being banned from the "Unity" list.
I used the word "trajectory" which is standared for Spartacist.

Yes I was a member of the International spartacist Tendency for a number of

Is this also a new secret clause of the "unity" List.

Naturally i oppose this also.

Naturally you must be getting your info from the Spartacist hater moderater
who now finds himself in the militant group Dondero.

Of corse I admit that I have not been a member of the Sparts for a while.
However, when our ways parted i was in full political solidarity with them.
Where they have gone from this point i di not know. But my general position
is that nobody gets a free ticket! Including the Spartacists.

Bob Malecki

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