Hard core/soft core

Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Sun Sep 15 23:28:40 MDT 1996

Gary writes;

>We have to be specific and local in our analysis.  Otherwise we can end up
>like Bob Malecki pouring shit on the Turkish hunger strikers and the IRA
>because they are not in the Fourth International.  He knows bugger all about
>Ireland or Turkey yet can hold forth because he is  the possessor of the key
>-   the core of Trotskyist truth that comes complete without any
>spatio-temporal limitations.


Since when is questioning the tactic of starving yourself to death pouring
shit on Turkish Hunger strikers? Futhermore what exactly do you mean about
the IRA. But coming from a Stalinist who seees the Social democracy as the
main reason for facism i doubt if i could get and intelligent answer.

Bob Malecki

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