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Richard Bos Richard.Bos at hagcott.meganet.co.uk
Sun Sep 15 23:36:42 MDT 1996

Rolf Martens wrote:
> Just to spoil your whole evening: This to me sounds like actually
> in the main a phoney "do", only indirectly perhaps reflecting the
> real thing. I think you're content with too little. Bad luck for
> you you've never tasted the real stuff. But that's what's needed!
> Am I making myself clear? I'm not certain about that. Anyway,
> I've experienced such things as the one you write about too,
> only later did I see their total insufficiency. Please see
> this posting as one intended to point to the enormous possibilities
> that there really are in Marxism!
> Btw, do you support the WMC? A real debate could proceed from
> this question, perhaps.
> Rolf M.

I know what you mean Rolf. It was one of those occassions when everyone
says nice things, and has fun. That does not mean real unity.

Yes, I realise that. The important thing is that a start has been made.
One or two people had to swallow some personal pride to be there and say
what they did. The CPB leadership are under pressure from their members
to have a better relationship with the NCPB. The Morning Star needs our
support to survive. Left Labour people would, in the past, have disowned
us in public, while being friendly in private.

There are a whole number of reasons why the left are starting to move
closer. Mostly it is that the world has changed in this decade, and we
can get out of our little compartments. Organisations which were once
labled as pro Moscow, pro Peking, pro Tirana, Maoist, Trot, or Stalinist
are throwing those lables away and trying to find what is best from
those things. At the same time (and this is what makes this trend
different from the revisionist trends in the past), all these parties
are saying that Marx and Lenin are more relevant than ever before.

They are also looking at the contributions from Mao, Kim, Ho Chi Mihn,
Che Guevarra, and many others that they had dismissed in the past.

It is important not to let optimism blind us to reality, but if the
communist movement is to survive, these things must happen.


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