Iraq: From a scratch to Gangrene?

Robert Malecki malecki at
Mon Sep 16 01:26:26 MDT 1996

>From a scratch to Gangrene?

>From just being a formuler or editing problem in the declaration on Iraq it=
appears that we now have a major difference!

Actually the following two lines written by PO (yossi) say to me that PO has=
been touched by a dos of third worldism in the first degree.

PO (yossi) writes;=20
>The nationalism of the arbs express the nationalism of the opressed, while
>the nationalism of the zionists express the nationalism of the opressor.

This has been the problem with the document from the very beginning and why=
i raised the question of continuing to give this document my support. This=
formulation can be taken as nothing else other then you have written off the=
entire Israeli Proletariat and poor people to Zionism! I disagree whole=20

This would be like saying the same thing as the other thread that is going=
on about the "American people" supporting Clinton's imperialist attacks=20
against Iraq, which certainly and overwhelming majority do---and writting=20
them off as hopeless!

This approach is the approach of people who are soft on third world=20
nationalism! In fact in this case Iraq under the leadership of Saddam=20
recently had the third or fourth most powerful army in the world. Enormous=
oil resources and was the darling of both American,German,Swedish=20
imperialism where he spent a lot of the oil money over the years building up=
just that army.

But then we are discussing here the Kurds and the Palestineans as being the=
oppressed nationalities. They are in fact that. And naturally=20
Bolshevik-Leninists support their "right" to self determination and land to=
live and thrive on.=20

But Zionism is the oppressor nation? Or the nationalism of the oppressed. I=
doubt that they are alone in the middle east. Zionism is a reactionary=20
bougeois ideology that is imposed on Israeli,s from the top.There are=20
millions of Jewish Workers and poor people who both through their position=
in society, but also other reasons do not accept this ideology more then in=
the way that Americans appear to accept the present policies of the Clinton=

Although the special history and creation of Israel by the victors of the=20
second world war must also be taken into consideration. In fact back then=20
they had to fight a war against the British colonialists. Unfortunately the=
leadership to a large part were Zionists. But who,s side were we on then?

>Arab nationalism has progressive and reactionary elements. It is=
>in relationship to opposition to imperialism, and national opression. It is
>reactionary when it comes to aspects like explotation of workers and
>opression of minorities. Zionism is reactionary through and through.
>The argument of class against class  while ignoring the reality of
>particular opression was the method of Debs not of lenin.

Now we come to the very heart of the arguement. Since when is Arab=20
nationalism progressive against imperialism? In which Arab land? Which Arab=
land has not oppressed the Palestineans? Being that you claim that Israel is=
the oppressor nation. And which Arab nationalist land is prepared to give=20
the Palestineans and the Kurds the right to self determination and land. In=
fact it was and is none of them. The closest thing to a state that the=20
Palestinians have come is the present situation. Naturally it is hardly a=20
state, but some sort of self steer option under Israeli rule with military=
force. In fact this is far more then any of the so called "progressive" arab=
nationalists have ever been willing to go! Thus all the talk about Arab=20
nationalism being progressive is just ridiculous. Arab Nationalism, just as=
Israeli Nationalism is reactionary and blocks the way to any independent=20
class struggle by the Proletariat in the middle east..

>Of course we have to struggle to free the israeli working class from=
>ideology and practice, but this can be done only when the israeli workers
>support their palestinians brothers and sisters against the zionist state,
>not in abstact as a class against class.

And then you throw in the above to cover your softness to Arab Nationalism.=
Down on your knees PO begging the Jewish Proletariat to support their=20
Palestinean brothers and sisters will not due. Trying to tell this to and=20
Israeli worker in the context of the above is like saying to them go out and=
commit suicide! The Israeli proletariat will fight only if it is in their=20
interests with the Palestineans. It is the duty of a Bolshevik party to=20
point out why it is in the Interests of both Israeli and Arab proletariat=20
just why it is in their interests to fight together as an independent class=
against all of their oppressors be they Arab, Jew or outside intervention.=
That is why the question "Not Arab against Jew, but Class against class" is=
>No question that kuwait rurles are reactionaries yet israel is the stronger=
>in service of imperialism in the middle east. To compare Kuwait and Israel
>is to equte the elephant with the fly.

Finally it now comes down to just a question of who has the biggest army in=
the service of imperialism. As if the israeli army does not have its own=20
interests to defend. Are you saying that in a war with say Iraq, Syria,=20
Jordanien, Egypt, that Bolshevik Leninists would support the progressive=20
Arab side? And the last little bit
about Kwait vs Israel is even more proof that PO and there tendency have=20
turned this issue from a scratch to Gangrene.

It appears that PO and friends are turning away from a correct line and are=
trying to find support with the state capitalists and organisation that J=F6=
represents. Good luck my friends. But the road you are taking, I certainly=
do not choose to follow. I withdraw all support to the document from this=20
point on. What at the beginning appear to be a editorial difference has=20
turned into and open sore and is stinking of Gangrene.

Warm Regards
Bob Malecki


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