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Mon Sep 16 08:39:34 MDT 1996

On 16 Sep 1996, Jon Flanders wrote:

>   There we have a difference. I am pretty much a Barnesite on the permanent
> revolution question, but I think Trotsky's materialist critique of the

Louis: Jon, where have you been. Jack Barnes dumped permanent revolution
back in the early 1980s. He now thinks that a "democratic revolution" (?!)
is taking place under ANC leadership in South Africa. The problem with
adopting one schema or another--Lenin's, Stalin's or Trotsky's--is that
they prevent you from looking at living reality. The most trenchant
analysis of the Nicaraguan revolution has been carried out by Carlos
Vilas, an independent Marxist who was not hobbled by "theories" but who
who looked at class relations with a dispassionate eye. More interesting
analysis of Cuba and Nicaragua has come from Michael Hoover on this list
than from anybody. Read your Lenin. Read your Trotsky. But at a certain
point start looking at items such as land distribution statistics, capital
owership, etc. Boring, but essential.

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