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Rosser Jr, John Barkley rosserjb at jmu.edu
Mon Sep 16 12:18:04 MDT 1996

     This may be about to be a dead topic, but hearing that
Louis P. is not on the unity list made think that this is
more important than before.  I think that it is more
important than before that there be a volume-only moderated
list.  Let me describe what happened on ecol-econ.
     The problem on ecol-econ was largely a single
individual, a retired conservation biologist of very strong
views, who would post over 20 times a day and who was (and
still is) very aggressive towards those who disagreed with
him.  So, a volume limit was introduced.  At the same time
there was a related list "ee-cafe" that was not limited by
volume.  Anything on ecol-econ was also on ee-cafe, but
overflow was only on the latter.  What has happened is that
ee-cafe has essentially disappeared.  Posters to ecol-econ
have accepted the volume limits because they know that that
is where most of the audience is.  Even the main violater
who frequently gets into offlist arguments with people
becuause of the volume limits, that then get reported on
back to the whole list.  This has worked.
     Something similar could be done here.  Have the
unmoderated list get everything from the moderated list,
but have the latter moderated only by volume.  The
unmoderated list might well then fade away.
     Now, I realize that there are lots of people who want
moderation on content grounds, including Louis P.  But I
contend that this just leads to this endless wrangling that
we see now over the unity list's vague rules.  We had an
earlier round of this over M2's rules.  At least M2 has
settled down to a modus operandi and has reasonably
intelligent discussions, even withoug good old Lou.
     Louis wants a list that has just the right amount of
moderation: enough to keep malecki off, but not enough to
keep himself or his "friends" off.  Sorry, Lou, but such an
amount does not exist.  Go for a volume limited list.
     BTW, some of the biggest drunks I know are judges,
Barkley Rosser
Rosser Jr, John Barkley
rosserjb at jmu.edu

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