Hans and Bakhsar : Dialectics on its head

Adam Rose adam at pmel.com
Mon Sep 16 05:03:07 MDT 1996

Hinrich Kuhls writes:
> Was it that Marx had to resort to Hegel, or was it rather a specific
> historical situation where the real social movement enabled him to abstract
> and to formulate the internal structure of capitalist societies and hence to
> open the insight into the connection of society, nature, and thought?

Hans seems unable to understand this point.

There is a dialectical realtionship between theory and mass movements.
But the movement came first, in an actual historical sense, and also
in a political sense, that the only test of theory is in practise.
Practise is the base of theory, and also stands above theory as its
final arbiter.

Hans puts theory above practise, and methodology above theory, and he uses
Bakhsar to do so.

I do not know if this is a fair use of Bakhsar, since I have not read
Bakhsar. But it seems to me that Hans uses Bakhsar to put dialectics
back on its head.

Gary, is it possible to use Bakhsar otherwise ?
And if it is possible, has it ever been done ?

If so, give evidence - otherwise I shall continue to view Bakhsar in the
same way as I would other fantasy aids - useful, but only for fantasies.


Adam Rose


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