Just a test.

Vladimir Bilenkin "achekhov at unity.ncsu.edu" at ncsu.edu
Mon Sep 16 20:38:40 MDT 1996

<<The 'no censorship' policy is intended to allow
creative constructive thought, by preventing anyone
having the power to control the content of
the discussion.  Abuse of this policy distracts from
real discussion, and generally makes _the abuser_ look
totally unconvincing, boorish, or worse. Please don't do it.

At the same time, if certain posts trouble you and you
cannot ignore them or delete them without even reading
them, please do not demand censorship of anyone else.
The only 'social control' methods available within this
list are to post something responsive and _more_ reasonable,
to refuse to even reply to offending posts, or to unsub oneself.>>

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