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> Well, sorry to disappoint you, but for about half the working class
> encouragement in the use of condoms means a huge liberation in their
> capacity for freedom of sexual expression. AIDS is not the only thing that
> it is possible to catch through unprotected sex.
> If the only thing that the safer sex campaign has acheived is a greater
> discussion amongst teenagers about the risks and consequences of having sex
> then it will have been worthwhile. I for one am delighted that the past few
> years has seen a decline amongst all sections of society of the spread of
> syphillis, gonhorrhea and other STDs. Not to mention the more equal sharing
> out of responsibility about avoidance of unwanted pregnancy.

Sadly, most young people I know have no idea of the dangers of not
practicing safe-sex. Sure, they carry condoms around, but they only use
them the first time. Often they are too embarrassed to use them at all.

The common use of Exctasy in clubs has led to a sexual liberation of a
very dangerous sort.


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