Hard core/soft core

Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Tue Sep 17 02:25:11 MDT 1996

Jorn writs;
>I'll let Gary and Malecki sort that out, but then he continues:
>>But coming from a Stalinist who seees the Social democracy as the
>>main reason for facism i doubt if i could get and intelligent answer.
>Robert, I think you should know better than calling Gary a stalinist, which
>he is not - if I were him, I would take it as an insult. Being soft on
>stalinism (or rather stalinists) is not the same as being a stalinist :-)

OK! I apoligize and reformulate the above.(Obs! I just read Gary,s letter
and he in fact says that he was a Stalinist)

But coming from Gary who sees the Social democracy as the main reason for
the victory of fascism.......


Because despite what the Social democracy did and will do in the future the
blame must be put on Stalin.The fact is that after the events in Germany
Trotsky went out and called for the building of the Fourth International.
Not because of the Social Democrats but because of the Stalinists. So it is
not just words or a couple of paragraphs from Trotsky that count but
Trotsky's actions.

And as far as being soft on Stalinism. Well the Stalinists represent more
then lets say Aldolfo and his defense of the Moscow trials and all the rest,
The other part is the programatic implications of Stalinism. Which are far
more dangerous to the working class that saying. Trotsky was a counter
revolutionary and deserved to die!

Bob Malecki

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