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Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Tue Sep 17 02:25:19 MDT 1996

>* We had a very interesting debate with comrade Bob Malecki on Iraq. It is a
>good debate and have nothing in common of some low quality insults-exchanges
>that we could see on the internet.
>Bob said:
>"What is your position. Drive the Jews into the sea? Or what? Otherwise you
>have my criticism of the part on the Israeli question either you support it
>or you are against it."
>Jose answer:
>That was the position of Nahuel Moreno. We are in favour of the unity of the
>Israeli Jew working class with the Arab workers. We are in favour of a
>socialist federation in the middle east in which the different ethnic groups

GOOD! Then say so in your document!
>of the Israelian Jews (ashkenazis, Falashas, sefardites, etc.) should have
>the right to exist freely.
>We don't put an equal sign between the Zionist nationalism and the
>Palestinean nationalism. We don't put an equal sign between the White KKK
>nationalism in the US with the Black militants nationalism. Despite our
>disagreements with malcolm X and the Black panthers we would defend them
>against the White Power nationalists. We have the same attitude in

This is entirely correct in this context. But Zionism is not the Israeli
working class.
Just as the Mullah fundementalism is not the working class. And in th middle
both Zionism and Mullah fundementalism having very strong links to state
power. These states are both capitalists and clients of imperialism or
imperialist in their own right. This puts it above the level of the example
of Black Panthers vs KKK. It puts it on the level of reactionary nationalist
ideology on both sides with programs to wipe each other out! It is the
ideology that they use from uniting the Arab and Israeli workers along
religous lines to devide and hold up these structures. That is why the
question of "class against class" is fundemental in the region.

>We don't agree with Hamas and FDPLP bombs on israeli kids and civilians.
>Nevertheless we defend every palestinian anti-zionist fighter against
>repression. We advocate a class policy: the only way in which the Arab
>workers could smash the Zionist state is not in alliance with their own
>bourgeoisie, it is in alliance with the Israeli Jew workers.

If you are saying here that the Hamas are anti-zionist fighters which of
course they are in a sense. The problem is that they think that the entire
Israeli population is Zionist and should be driven into the sea. Because
their being backed up by the capitalists and pro-imperialist Iran! And if
you advocate a class policy against this then why not say so in the document.
>I honestly think that you are wrong in renouncing the support to a document
>which you help to draft. Despite our differences we want to express with you
>our solidarity against with-hunts in the internet.

The one liner on Israel is unsupportable. Because it is vague and unclear.
But it also has brought out this most interesting discussion. As i said. You
stand for your document. I stand for my original document.

Bob Malecki

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