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Gary writes;
>I could of course say that his  response  illustrates  the problem and leave
>it at that. But I have no wish to be polemical.  Now Bob you must try and
>see that the meaning of a hunger strike varies according to locale, culture
>and community.
>In Ireland it has been a very effective way of mobilizing the masses and
>rasing their hopes and commitments to the struggle.  Read some Irish
>History, Say  about Terence McSeeney.  His sacrifice ennobled the fight for
>Irish independence.  Now try and read what the Turkish militants say.  Read
>Zeynep's posts and try for  the sake of your own soul, Bob, to see the pride
>and tears that lie behind her words.
>Then trip off to the mirror and I defy you to  be able to shave.

Now this about Zeynep,s posts. In fact i understand very well both the
thought and feelings in back of the words. And in fact refused to get in a
big public fight just when this struggle was going on. When the supporters
of Aldolfo went out on the Usnet and started posting this stuff.

In fact I critisize my own tactics during the Vietnam war today. But it
appears that many have used these activities to slander me on the list and
certainly are smiling when they look in the mirror. I certainly do not
understand that for many of these people it was a life and death struggle
with real pain and real horror. Just as the slogan of "Burn Baby Burn caused
a lot of real pain and horror. But that does not mean that one can not
critise these tactics.

Personally i do not think that starving oneself to death is a good tactic.
Just as many thought that my wripping off Dow Chemical was not a good
tactic. But does this mean one should not discuss tactics. Naturally i
defend these militants and their actions. But a discussion about this stuff
is quite important. I could also say that
My tactics or the tactics of "Burn Baby Burn, or starving yourself to death
raises attention to issues in broader circles. But in the long run does it
change anything fundementally without being linked to a class struggle
program for the Proletariat and the Urban poor? I could also say that all
tactics depending on culture or what ever are good. But are they and in this
case the deaths of so many militants   , has this moved the class struggle
forward? Are their better tactics to use? And so on.

What i got on this list was a moral condemnation of raising the question at
all! I think that this is both wrong and ridiculous. Despite feelings. I to
have to confront feelings when a communist says to me that your actions
during the war in Vietnam although heroic were both stupid and adventurist.
But according to the attitude on the list here it is immoral to discuss
these tactics and in fact put you on the other side..

This is what i think the problem is.
>Now the IRA.  If I mention this you will parrot out some phrase like "what
>about their attitude  towards women? "the you will sit back as snug and smug
>as only a Trotskyist bug can be, and think you have won the argument.  Again
>concentrate on the particular struggle.  Think of the IRA cadre as being
>composed probably of a majority of women.  Their struggle is not a matter of
>a rag bag of half baked phrases and ideas.  The struggle for them is real
>and now.  Do you know anything about the Price sisters, Bob?  Have you read
>how they endured the horrors of force feeding while they were  on hunger

OK! This was one way. But are their better ways?
>I know this is difficult but you could try and be a little humble in the
>face of their sacrifices.

This is just moralizing crap Gary. I know the Turkish militants have made
sacrifices and i know a lot of other people that have made sacrafices
including myself. But to refuse to discuss this stuff on this basis is just
moralistic gibberish. And all the tears on this list for Zeynep and the
hunger strikers. Really! Most of you who have expressed those tears have
never said one word in soldarity to Bob Malecki and his situation. Or Rolf
and his fight around the people being deported in Holland. And other both
painful and militant actions going on everyday. So if anybody should look in
a mirror i could recommend a number of the  slanderers of others on this
list who find Zeynep,s and the Turkish militants struggle beyond a discussion..
>Now as for Stalinism.  What can I say that would  penetrate?  Nothing in all
>probability.  But let  me try this. Believe it or not Bob the main problem
>that I confront politically is not what you call Stalinism.  It is gone,
>Bob. Gone.  There is no Communist Party of Australia to hate any more.  So I
>have other struggles.  Other priorities.

Yes! And on what program may i ask. Have you also left this behind along
with the Australian CP.
>I want to learn from Louis G.  so I bracket off the Stalin bit and would you
>believe it he turns out to have a brilliant mind and is full of hatred for
>the bourgeoisie.  That will do me.

Yes, at times i do realize that Louis despite all his antics hates the
bougeoisie. But his politics and his slanders of "Trotskyists" certainly do
not help in over throwing the ruling class. In fact he defends people and
organizations who far from overthrowing the bougeoisie have betrayed the
working class time and again.
>And if you would only try and shape up you  too could learn.

I see, if i just learn to quietly accept the approach of some of the so
called "marxist" trends on the list everything will be fine. I think the
word is accomodation!

And as far as the personal stuff. I assume that means shutting up about my
poor and working class background. Perhaps! But my guess is that it is the
likes of you that would rather have Steinbeck write how we poor and working
class garbage think and feel!

Why have i not realized this before! It is beyond me that i to not
understand the laws of bougeois culture and realize that it is only certain
people that can take on such a subject as experiences of poor and working
class people through their eyes.

Please give me some names of "Writers" who you think qualify for this Oh
great and holy task!

Finally thank you for the last personal stuff. It tells reams about you Gary!

And it is so petty bougeois and so fucking phoney new leftist crap.

When you get tired of reading Steinback and others you consider autorative
on the subect of poor and working class people you can go to:

Read the book! Ha Ha Ha McNamara,
Vietnam-My Bellybutton is my Crystalball!

COCKROACH, a zine for poor and workingclass people
Banned from the "Unity" list at Jefferson Village For being
 a "Trotskyist" and a "philthy lumpen" background, who today
lives with his "pigs and donkeys" in exile-where he ran away
during the Vietnam War.

According to the ex-vice viseur of the "Unity" list at
 Jefferson village!

Boycott the "Unity" List at Jefferson Village!

Warm Regard
Bob Malecki

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