Hans and Bakhsar : Dialectics on its head

Adam Rose adam at pmel.com
Tue Sep 17 03:01:52 MDT 1996

Gary writes:

> Sorry  this rambled.

Well, yes, I think it did.

I'm quite happy to discuss State Capitalism, as others
have found to their cost.

I'm also quite happy to discuss the relationship between theory
and practise in a more subtle way than I did in that stick
bending three liner. My excuse is that I was bending the stick to
make it more effective to beat Hans with, and I need no excuses
for that. But when people start going on about "methodological
compasses" , what do you expect ?

I don't particularly want to discuss what Tom O' Lincoln said
to you once about Althusser. But he was probably right.

However, what stands out about your message was that you
told me virtually nothing about Bakhsar.


PS I think Marxist ontology is like Marxist social work - an oxymoron.

Adam Rose


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