Worldwide Mobilization Commission to Defend the Peruvian Revolution

Rolf Martens rolf.martens at
Tue Sep 17 03:30:58 MDT 1996

Bob M,

You wrote i.a.:

(quoting the 6 points in the "communique", appr. the same as in the

>It is both sectarian and wrong to declare the above six points as a minium
>The only thing that the WMC will achieve with the above approach is and
>isolated little click of pick up the gun Maoists who base their theory on a
>reactionary two stage theory of revolution.
>Warm Regards
>Bob Malecki

No it isn't intended as a "minimum program". As can be seen from the
Call, the planned WMC is, among other things, to call together
a broad solidarity conference which will not stand on the basis
of that Call but will have what you call a "minimum programme".
So your criticism here is *not* correct.

Rolf M.

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