Preliminary word from a Barnard strike leader.

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OK.  I know I missed something: we got the health care with neither
co-pays nor premium caps--what we've been fighting for since January.
Finally, someone woke up.  I'll present something more coherent later.
We are all very happy with the result--unanimous ratification of the

In my dazed state, I hope I'm not adressing this to the entire Marxism
list.  I'd be happy to do so, but I'd want to get a little dressed up for
the occasion if you know what I mean.  Meanwhile.  YIIIPPPPPEEEEE! (If I
can be so bold these days!)  Yes we won.

Most of all after a period of elation, numbness, and now more elation,
after 6 months, I'm able to say that collective action (especially by
those most marginalized) is a significant force.  It is when you continue
to fight when you know you are right despite the fact that you have no
chance that you can effect change.  These sorts of struggles are not for
the selfish, they are fought hard, paid for with more than immediate
gains can yield, but they serve as sign-posts for the greedy, the
un-powerful--that people will not be walked over, that they can make a
stand, and together, in solidarity there is strength.  There ought to be
more reminders of this.  I am thankful that I could contribute yet another
among many of such examples.  (More details later re strike. Story

Lou,  re party:  details to come.  Maybe Saturday.  Thank you for all your

In Solidarity,

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