Declaration concerning an impermissible "WMC communique"

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Tue Sep 17 07:02:58 MDT 1996

This is the first time *ever* that i must absolutely support Rolf on=20
something. A palace coup has taken place (my suspicions, from London) which=
are both unprincipled and backstabbing of one of the people whom from the=20
start was involved in this stuff. Naturally this does not mean that i=20
support the WMC which certainly
is far from being anything near a *real* solidarity movement Internationally=
for Peru.

I think that the "unity" people should watch this struggle! I am quite sure=
that you can learn some new tricks for a new charter or another rewrite of=
the new charter!

Bob Malecki

PS: Rolf can I put your declaration in Cockroach along with my letter?


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>Declaration concerning an impermissible "WMC communique"=20
>By Rolf Martens, Malmoe, Sweden, 17.09.1996
>Yesterday, 16.09.96, there was put out on the Internet,
>by <hariette at>, a statement said to be
>"another article translated from the latest El Diario
>Internacional (Number 35 - August 96 edition)". The
>statement was headed:
>dated "Brussels, August 1996"
>and signed, or purportedly signed, by a number of
>organizations, among them "Emergency Committee -
>Malmo - Sweden".
>I hereby declare that=20
>A) I am in no way co-responsible for this statement.
>B) I repudiate it, not because of its contents, which I,
>as far as these confusingly presented contents are
>understandable, absolutely support, but because of the
>manner and circumstances in which this statement is
>C) The signature to this statement of the Emergency
>Committee - Malmoe - Sweden is not a genuine one.
>I'm making this declaration in my capacity as
>1) representative and propagandist of the political line of=20
>Marx, Lenin and Mao Zedong since 1974,
>2) member of the Emergency Committee - Malmoe -=20
>Sweden since its foundation on 23.10.1992 and member,
>since the Founding Conference of the IEC in February 1993,
>of the Steering Committee of the IEC,
>3) contributor since March 1995 to the dissemination of
>El Diario Internacional,
>4) co-endorser since March 1996 of the Call for the WMC.
>I call on the other co-endorsers of the Call for the WMC
>likewise to repudiate this so-called communique.
>Why is this necessary?=20
>Why is this statement not acceptable?
>I would like to call your attention to the following 5 points,
>for an explanation of this.
>=A41. The heading of this communique seems to indicate that
>a WMC - a World Mobilisation Commission to defend the
>revolution in Peru - has already been formed, although this
>is not clear either, since, at the end, individual signatories
>If it is to be taken as meaning that there already is a WMC,
>this WMC would then have been formed in a completely
>impermissible manner. There was put out a Call for a WMC
>in March of this year. Several organizations and some
>individuals including myself endorsed this Call. When a WMC
>is to be formed, then obviously, the endorsers of the Call
>for it must have a say on this formation. But I at least have
>received no information whatsoever on this communique prior=20
>to its being published. =20
>If it is not to be taken as meaning that there already is a
>WMC, then what is the point of it? It cannot but spread
>public confusion concerning this question.
>=A42. Mysteriously, the communique starts out with six points
>in the infinitive. Those six points are approximately the same
>as those which the Call for the WMC states would be the
>tasks of the WMC, but not exactly the same - two of them
>are somewhat abbreviated as compared to the Call. I on
>my part absolutely would endorse the contents of them.
>Only, I in no way have been asked to do so in this manner,
>and therefore must protest against this "August 1996
>communique" which bears the signatures of some of those
>other signatories to the original Call which I know of, but
>does not bear my signature.
>=A43. It isn't clear what the communique means by its simply
>stating, initially, "to do this, to do that". Is it the case that=20
>a text originally in Spanish, calling on people to do this and
>that, has been mistranslated into English? If so, this would
>clear up that particular mystery and would leave instead a
>criticism to be directed against the translator.
>=A44. When among the signatories of this communique there
>appears one local IEC group of which I am a member, it
>must be pointed out that this local group, the Emergency
>Committee - Malmoe - Sweden, has held no meeting
>whatsoever to endorse it, at least none to which I have
>been called, and a meeting without all members being
>called beforehand of course would have been an illegal
>In fact I did propose, in April of this year, a meeting of our
>local IEC group with a view to our endorsing, as a group,
>the Call for the WMC, but because of certain circumstances,
>in connection with expulsion threats here among other things,
>such a meeting has so far not come about.
>On 10.06.96, comrade Luis Arce Borja, the editor of El Diario
>Internacional, directly asked me whether my endorsement of=20
>the WMC had been on the part of some organization or other.
>I replied in the negative. My e-mail endorsement, on 30.03.96,
>also made clear that it represented nobody but myself as an
>=A45. To the efforts really to create a WMC, efforts which I hold
>are very important - not least since task point 4 of the Call for it,
>"To defend Maoism as the new, third and superior stage of
>Marxism, within the context of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism
>taken as a unity in development" - implies the possibility of
>the WMC:s giving genuine guidance to the international
>proletariat - this complely impermissible and confusing
>"Communique No. 1, of August 1996" cannot but do grave
>This declaration will be sent by e-mail to the Jefferson
>Village Virginia Marxism list and by mail to El Diario
>[Reposted now, 11.35 hrs CET, since the first posting,=20
>at 10.30 CET, doesn't seem to have come through.]
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