Muddled Thinking on Korea, Iraq,

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 >>  A much more profound poll--the results of  which our
 head-shaking,  incredulous "Ang" and Rakesh may more easily find at the
public library,  occurred in 1968 and 1972,   while the Vietnam War still
raged (and not as "recently" as ten years after!). <<Louis G

 Jon Flanders:

  I think you are putting too much emphasis on capitalist elections as a
barometer of working class sentiment. These 4 year follies are like a
fun-house mirror when it comes to reflecting what workers think.

  The current electoral farce is a case in point. The Republican convention
sought to portray itself as a wing of Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Coalition, while
the Democrats dressed up as Pat Robertson's family values Christian Coalition.
Meanwhile, Dick Morris, who has advised both parties, was sucking the toes of
a call girl while he observed the proceedings.

  Out of this process we are expected to find out what people "really"

  In 1968 voters chose between the pro-war Humphrey, defending the Johnson
Vietnam record, and Nixon, who had a secret plan to end the war.
 How would a worker, opposed to the war, vote?

   In 1972, the war had been wound down by Vietnamization, and McGovern was
effectively isolated by sections of the Democratic party itself. So as a
referendum on the war, the election counted for little.

  E-mail from: Jonathan E. Flanders, 17-Sep-1996

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