marxism and monogamy. On Cervical Cancer.

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Tue Sep 17 07:54:55 MDT 1996

    The current (Sept. 1) issue of *Science News* (p. 170) reports on
a study that reveals that women whose husbands are not monogamous have
many times the cervical cancer rate than women whose husbands are.
"The risk is especially great when a husband has trysts with prosti-
tutes. Indeed, wives of men who reported having seen a prostitute
at least 10 times during their marriage had 11 times the risk of
developing cervical cancer as the wives of men who had not contact
with prostitutes." Human papillomavirutses (HPVs) are a trivial
STD in themselves (and the body's own immune system clears them in
a few years), but those viruses also cause cervical cancer.


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