Wilhelm Reich, orgone and Bible Belt Marxism

Russell Pearson spectres at innotts.co.uk
Tue Sep 17 20:50:57 MDT 1996

Rakesh writes regarding a discussion he is having with Will and Adam R =
on monogamy of his interest in Wilhelm Reich.
It's some years since I read any Reich, but I agree with Rakesh that Reic=
h's stuff on orgone is pretty wacky but that his earlier work is of inter=
At the risk of more Moreno jokes, his work on the body, especially body =
armouring is now an accepted part of many psychotherapies, particularly =
Gestalt, ( Gestalt's co-founder Fritz Perls being a former client of Reic=
Also Lefebvre takes him seriously. In his arguments against idealist disc=
ourse he mentions Reich as someone who re-introduces the materiality of =
the body. Lefebvre sees Reich as opposed to the psychoanalytic stress on =
subjectivity (not to mention of course all the post-structuralist reducti=
ons of the material to mere textuality).

Back to monogamy, or not as the case may be. As I write Nick H, (or is =
it Kate?) informs us that:

" The clear implication of the LM position on the safer-sex campaign run =
by the
government was that we should all go out and screw anyone we can get our =

hands on - for the sake of the revolution!

That kind of nonsense, we can all live without."

The guff on revolution is nonsense itself. You'd be hard pressed to find =
LM arguing that having a jump was a revolutionary act.
 What I want to know however is this, what is wrong with having multiple =
(ie more than one) partners?
 Now we've heard arguments about disease/contraception, but this is a ult=
imately a medical problem not a moral one. Sex like many human activities=
 is potentially risky.
But is Kate/Nick arguing that it is morally wrong to have sex outside of =
marriage or that it's OK if a bit of rubber is in place?
 If more than one partner is permitted in a lifetime does it have to be =
in a 'loving relationship' or can we just do it for fun?
 If we can have recreational sex, how many times can we do it before we =
become that most modern of sinners the irresponsible individual? (A pragm=
atic reply- it's OK until you get the clap?)

It all sounds like Bible Belt Marxism to me.

Yours an unrepentent sinner,


Who is to police our sexual behaviour?

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