Safe sex. was Reactionary Marxism

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Tue Sep 17 12:51:20 MDT 1996

Kate wrote:
> Richard wrote:
> > Sadly, most young people I know have no idea of the dangers of not
> > practicing safe-sex. Sure, they carry condoms around, but they only use
> > them the first time. Often they are too embarrassed to use them at all.
> >
> > The common use of Exctasy in clubs has led to a sexual liberation of a
> > very dangerous sort.
> I agree that the issues around safer sex have not been adequately addressed.
> That's because for capitalism, part of the manner in which the working class
> is kept in its place is by preventing working class people from freely
> expressing themselves in any part of their lives. To allow proper and free
> discussion of sexuality (including how not to be embarrassed at the use of
> condoms) would mean such a freeing up of the cultural straitjacket that the
> working class is in, that it would have to have been as part of  a general
> increase in freedom for the class.
> That's why IMO, the struggle for sexual liberation is so totally intertwined
> with Marxism.
> LM's attitude on the other hand, is the kind of simplistic argument that
> gives Marxism a bad name. It is just not good enough to make judgements
> about things on the basis of "The bourgeoisie want it, so I don't". The
> clear implication of the LM position on the safer-sex campaign run by the
> government was that we should all go out and screw anyone we can get our
> hands on - for the sake of the revolution!
> That kind of nonsense, we can all live without.
> Kate

It seems that the SWP and LM have at least something in common. Adam
accused me of sounding like a dangerous Tory for making my remark. Maybe
he mixes in better educated circles than most of us.

Most people that I know have nothing. They live in grotty houses or
flats, in grotty crime ridden areas. They can't afford holidays or
travel. The only relief that they have is to go out on a Saturday night,
get pie-eyed and laid. I do not make any moral judgements about that, I
have been known to do it myself.

The judgement that I make is about the society that creates the feeling
of helplessness where people don't really care about the consequences of
the abuse of their own bodies.


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