Adios, Lisa

Louis R Godena louisgodena at
Tue Sep 17 20:38:32 MDT 1996

I am not one much given to personal reflection,  and I fear being sad more
than I do death itself.   I do not know why then,  this evening,  the news
of Lisa's passing has affected me so much.

Prior to two and a half weeks ago,  I "knew" Lisa chiefly as the vaguely
hostile moderator of Marxism 2,  which I never had any desire to join,  and
one of those who,  during the foolish PCP "wars" had quite amicably
suggested that I (along with a number of others) be summarily kicked off the
Marxism list.

I was in all probability unfair to her as I felt she was to me.

So I was somewhat surprised toward the end of August when she wrote me about
co-moderating the Science and Marxism list.    I was pleased to learn that
we both held similar views about what such a list should aim for in the way
of intelligent discussion and fruitful debate.    Over the next week and a
half we exchanged ideas about a number of subjects near and dear to the
Marxism lists,   as well as to our own political/scientific interests.

Lisa,  I found,  was a warm,  spontaneous,  very bright person who always
took the views of others into consideration in everything she did.    This
surprised me somewhat,   especially when it came to people who I know had
behaved toward her in a manner inappropriate for someone,  especially,  who
had devoted the time and resources she had to the whole enterprise of
political cyberspace.

My last post to her,  on September 12th,  right after we had gotten Marxism
and Science up and running,  dealt with this theme.    I had been somewhat
intrigued by her restrained response to a list member who had been a
nuisance to her in the past.    I remember asking her,  facetiously,   if
this was out of character.    She wrote back immediately (although it was,
I recall,  something like 2 am,  Utah time).    It was a typically "Lisa"
response--gentle and good natured.

She mentioned at the end that she was going berry picking that weekend.

Adios,  Lisa.

Louis (G)

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