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Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Tue Sep 17 21:25:33 MDT 1996

I was devastated to learn just now of Lisa's death.  If I say this is a new
experience for me getting to know people in cyber space and then suddenly
losing them like this,I hope no one will think I am trivialising this
experience. Justin, Gerry and Louis G. have posted very decent and dignified
pieces. I especially feel for Gerry's loss.

I would like to tell how Lisa and I became friends.  When she wrote about
being a mormon I posted to her and told her it was o.k.  No one was born a
Marxist.  I also told her my story of how i got rid of Mormons was by
telling them  I was gay and making a big fuss about asking them to come in
and then watching them run away in terror.

She laughed at that.

when she posted a quiz about Freud and the cigar she was sweet enough to
declare me the winner and to promise me a beer in Utah.  Alas that was not
to be.

The PCP wars split us up politically but not personally.  I wrote this to
her and she was pleased. She  also wrote to comfort and shield me from the
anti-homosexual baiting that I experienced during the flame wars.  I regret
more than anything not continuing our correspondence.  But as always I
thought there was time.

I also have entertained for some time a piece about Ursula Leguin.  We both
loved her  work but Lisa thought it was too male centered.  I wanted to
challenge that with a post on Tehanu and another novel which deals  with the
relationships between men and women and how women know men and will play a
role in their reconstruction & redemption post- Patriarchy. I will write
this and dedicate it to her memory.

Farewell Lisa.


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