in sorrow

Michael Hoover hoov at
Tue Sep 10 18:37:55 MDT 1996

> protest against the Republican Congress.  We spoke for hours and then I
> took her to my favorite bookstores.  We both were dead broke, and since we

I did not know Lisa...I do not recall having any e-mail dialogue
with her...but I remember occasional posts from her listing some
new/old books she had bought (I imagine her - much like the
foragers she posted about - in the stacks/rummaging through the
shelves of used bookstores as I - and, no doubt, others on this
list - do/have done) and asking for comments...I was always going
to respond when a title or two that I was familiar with was on
the list...never did, my loss...condolences to family, friends,
& loved ones, Michael

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