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Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at
Wed Sep 18 14:53:18 MDT 1996

Over on the unity list, things are thickening fast. JJ writes:

>>I think we have decided not to consider PO and Rodwell until
>>after the adoption of a revised charter.

What if they in fact haven't decided anything of the sort? I mean, it was
arbitrarily decided to change the unjust exclusion to an unjust suspension.
I *know* they decided that. And that was before the adoption of any revised

>>We should stick to this
>>for the sake of clarity.

Perhaps it would clarify things if they *knew* what they had decided. Does
this mean the unjust suspension will be equally arbitrarily changed back to
an unjust exclusion again?

>>I agree with you that Rodwell is continuing to provoke his own
>>exclusion, having been warned that he is doing so.

I have never been warned that I am doing so.

I consider my expulsion/suspension unjust in that I never contravened any
of the rules set up for the unity list. Neither did PO.

The reason for all the aggro is obviously that I express my views on this
kind of thing forcefully and they don't coincide with those of the
moderators. There is no other rational explanation. This also accounts for
loose talk like "provoking his own exclusion" -- anyone who's been anywhere
near a sectarian or sectoid organization will have heard this expression a
thousand times before -- and for the same reasons of administrative
convenience and prestige.

When a discussion had been opened on a new charter, I raised the question
of scapegoating Robert M (and Ben B as a direct result of this). I think
that if individuals are going to be excluded as a matter of list principle
(!) they should be named publicly and the exclusion should be motivated, at
the very least. Ideally they shouldn't be excluded preemptively at all.

PO has been criticized for posting material on the SLP and Iraq to the
list. But no "unity" project can avoid taking issues like this (and
positions on them) into account.

So far the unity list seems packed with shamefaced Trots and ex-Trots who
are treating each other to anti-Trot leftovers such as the stuff ladled out
by Luciano D. Poor Steve Bloom sounded quite alone and disconsolate in his
arguments for a revolutionary interpretation of Trotskyism. And the
revolutionary potential of the working class is even more conspicuous by
its absence there than it is here on marxism1.

Well, we'll see how the democratic face-lift ends up. If it's real, there
could be excellent discussions there that could help the real unity of the
really existing left. If not, it'll be an empty shell.



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