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Wed Sep 18 15:46:04 MDT 1996

jplant quotes will brown

> ....why did Lenin call prostitutes
>a diseased excresence ?

then asks:

>I recall seeing, in right wing sources so they may not be fully reliable,
>reports that Lenin ordered the execution of large numbers of 'camp follower'
>prostitutes who were, apparently, undermining military discipline during the
>civil war. Perhaps there is a connection here.

It is true that Lenin considered prostitutes as a lumpen element vomited up
by the hypocrisy and cruelty of a moralistic bourgeois society.

It is true that Lenin and Trotsky ordered the execution of a substantial
number of camp followers as spies,  pick-pockets,  saboteurs,  etc.,  but I
seriously doubt whether there would have been sanctions ordered for the
crime of prostitution, itself.

I suggest you ask Kevin Cabral in Columbus,  Ohio,  to look at Richard
Pipes.    If it blackens the name of Lenin or communism in any way--what do
they say about the pasta sauce?--"It's in there."

Louis (G)

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