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There seem to be a few postings of mine that are not getting through
so I am trying this one again.

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Louis N Proyect wrote:

> Ali takes the artistic license to imagine a situation in which Einstein
> sends invitations to all of his allies and enemies in the Trotskyist
> galaxy, including arch-rival Frank Hood, the leader of the "Hoodlums"
> in England. Hood, of course, is Gerry Healy. "At meetings of the
> Hoodlum Politbureau, the blood often rushed to his bald head and
> suffused the entire top  part of his body. This was a sure sign that he
> was about to rant and rave. When he picked his nose, the other
> Hoodlums tried as unobtrusively as possible to remove all bottles
> within easy reach. The nose-picking was always a prelude to breaking
> a milk or a beer bottle and brandishing it suggestively before the face
> of a petrified colleague, usually a wimpish professor from the academy
> who was only to delighted to accept a proletarian rebuke."

I once met Gerry Healy in 1976 as a teenager. The conversation consisted
of him getting more and more exited , telling me that the WRP had more
money than I could imagine put aside to buy weapons (even tanks!). He
predicted that the revolution would happen within 6 months. His face got
so purple as he told me this, that I thought he would explode!

The experience was quite scary at the time, and I couldn't get away fast

When the police raided their education centre in Derbyshire some time
later, they found one rifle and a box of ammo. The WRP said that it was
planted there by the police. I wonder what happened to the tanks?


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