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Robert Malecki malecki at
Thu Sep 19 01:41:33 MDT 1996

>Not positive where this post from Nathan, responded to by Jose at
>global at originated, but I do want to tangle with Nathan on two
>First, why should "leftists" get involved with Iraq - that is, with the
>situation there? Because that is where are bombs are falling, Nathan. If the
>US was dropping bombs on the Zapatistas, I would focus there. It is also
>where our tax money is going - the same reason that I put Israel. on my list
>of concerns and would take it off the moment I don't feel my tax dollar is
>There is so much anguish in the world, it is reasonable to ask "why Iraq" or
>"why Peru" or "why whatever". And I am not in favor of each left group
>picking its own favorite revolutionary group, as the RCP has done with Peru.
>The whole fiasco with Iraq was over oil, not national rights,
>self-determination, or the Kurds. I don't have any solution for the Kurds,
>who have been thoroughly betrayed by both Saddam and the U.S. and pretty much
>everyone else. As Nathan knows, the Kurdish "state" exists in Turkey, Iran,
>and Iraq, and poses a terrible problem to all three countries. In the case of
>Iraq, it was the Kurds who were a bit less Muslim and were being beaten by
>the Kurds supported by Iran, who asked Saddam for support in this case, which
>Saddam gave.  For better or worse, wisely or not wisely, that is an affair
>internal to Iraq. Leftists should have views on it, and they may not agree
>because it is so complex. But the Left should agree, absolutely and with
>vigor, that the U.S. has no right at all to arbitrate these problems. It is
>an old socialist position - not a Marxist/Leninist one - that the State is
>not our agency (at least not until we take control - fat chance!) and to get
>sucked into defending Clinton's foreign policy is a very very risky course
>for socialists to take. It was this kind of "social patriotism" that got us
>into Vietnam.
>Having said all this, Saddam is not someone I would be associated with under
>any circumstances.  But the U.S. is not, cannot be, and should not be, the
>cop of the world.
>David McReynolds
>Socialist Party USA

Actually David is right about this! Unfortunately he has about the same
position as Sadam when it comes to the "Unity" list and certain political
trends being allowed to take part.

However the United States imperialist intervention in Iraq should be combatted!

Bob Malecki


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