Bless you, too, Louis

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at
Thu Sep 19 03:02:25 MDT 1996

>What kind of moron would pick a fight with Godena and me at the same time?
>I guess a Rodwell type moron.

Incisive wit.

>The point, Rodwell, is that for all the months you have been on this list
>you haven't made any interesting use of the "Trotskyist" method. You have
>illuminated nothing about Cuba, Nicaragua, England or Europe. Mostly what
>you do is crank out rhetoric.

Louis P's own opinion, to which he is quite welcome.

>Early on before you became person number 37 to be obsessed with me, you
>used to write really smart things about economics. You even pointed out a
>mistake of Doug Henwood's, who knows a thing or two.

I'm not obsessed with Louis P. This is a paranoid perspective that puts a
personalized, psychologized interpretation on everything. Louis P as a
person is utterly devoid of interest.

As a political scribbler he represents a sterile Broad Left
anti-revolutionary consensus. He is a demobilizer. Most importantly, his
relation to his line is that of a "hired prize-fighter", for him no
rhetorical trick is too cheap not to be used to smear or intimidate people
arguing from Marxist principles. I can deal with this, and I know it helps
when I do, so I do it.

>If you really wanted to recruit people to your sect-cult, you would stop
>picking fights with a skunk like me. You just keep getting sprayed and I
>walk away laughing.

Self-denigration is one of those cheap rhetorical tricks. I'm impervious to
skunkspray -- you know: "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names
will never hurt me"?

Feigned concern for our recruitment is also a cheap rhetorical trick.

And if Louis can't take the heat, the door's over there...

Hobbes called laughter "a sudden glory arising from some sudden conception
of some eminency in ourselves, by comparison with the infirmity of others,
or with our own formerly". Louis matches the "infirmity of others" bit, but
I don't think he's capable of the "sudden glory".

>Or whatever it is you call yourself.

If Louis had been paying the slightest attention, he'd know by now. Feigned
ignorance is one of those cheap rhetorical tricks.

As for sectarian, I put far too little of our stuff up for discussion,
which will be remedied.

>When you write something sharp as I do about once a month after I do some
>thorough research,

Louis the Factoid Man's self-advertising fools some people, I suppose.
Fewer and fewer, I would guess.

>Instead you prefer to
>trade jibes with me. In order to be good at that, you have to be 1/2 the
>misanthropic creep that I am. You are not and that is why you keep getting
>a bloody nose.

More of the same simultaneous self-denigration and self-aggrandizement.

As for the "picking a fight" thing, I'm *discussing* with Louis G. However
wrong his ideas, his attitude is constructive when it comes to discussion
and interaction with others. He's no thug.



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