Bless you, too, Louis: re Hobbs quote. A Correction

Louis R Godena louisgodena at
Thu Sep 19 11:59:56 MDT 1996

Vladimir confronts Louis (P):

>You prefer to call the Soviet Union "workers state." Well, prove it. But
>unless you do, the muddle you create by this is all yours.

>On a more general note, I can assure you that any attempt to misrepresent,
>let alone to slander the struggle of the Soviet workers against capitalist
>restoration will be dealt with swiftly and confidently, if not
>with Adolfo's brilliance.

Vladimir;  This business of calling the Soviet Union and its satellites
"workers' states" (with various modifying prefixes,  depending on your point
of view) has a long and honorable pedigree among Marxists.    From Lenin to
Stalin to Trotsky on down.    It is,  in fact,  a common form of address
with just about all communists,  save those from a few obscure Maoist sects
and some fallen--away Trotskyists.

And,  yes,  a suspicious mind might almost be tempted to conclude that large
numbers of workers have embraced at least part of the neo-liberal agenda.
Important sections of the All Union Congress of Trade Unions in the SU, for
example,  have jumped ship,  as well as nearly all those member
organizations in the World Federation of Trade Unions,   whose program is
now,  for all intents and purposes,   not revolutionary but social
democratic.    The largest party in Russia,  Zyuganov's Communist Party of
the Russian Federation,  is now,  despite its outward nostalgia for
"communism",  squarely in the free market camp.    The Hungarians,   Poles,
and (East) German  "communists" went over without firing a shot.    They
presumably took at least some workers with them.

Your quarrel is with them,  not with Louis Proyect.

Lighten up,  Vladimir.

For Christ's sake.

Louis Godena

PS:  How's your family doing?   I've been through that a few times.

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