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Thu Sep 19 08:18:51 MDT 1996

On Wed, 18 Sep 1996 DavidMcR at wrote:

> It is an old socialist position - not a Marxist/Leninist one - that the
> State is
> not our agency (at least not until we take control - fat chance!) and to get
> sucked into defending Clinton's foreign policy is a very very risky course
> for socialists to take. It was this kind of "social patriotism" that got us
> into Vietnam.
Absolutely correct, imo. And, it's a task that socialists need to bear
to point out the inconsistencies of imperialism's machinations in places
like the Middle East. If the US is out to save the Kurds from the horrors
of Hussein, why not more action on the situation in Rwanda/Burundi, or
against the Indonesian or Burmese regimes, or....

It's hypocrisy, plain and simple, in defense of profits and global
hegemony. And, once again, it offers a rather easy example for education,
even if on a modest scale given the current state of the left. So, my
question is--where's the beef? I've seen modest protests in some cities,
but little more than that.


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