A Note on Alexandra Kollantai

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Thu Sep 19 21:13:00 MDT 1996

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Malecki ranted (wildly off-topic as always) :

>Mr Plant is telling us about Stalin and his methods of siliencing the

Other than his idiosyncratic spelling, this is correct.

> As one of the moderaters on the "Unity" list i find it both hypocritical and
not to be believed.

This is incorrect : Malecki is not one of the moderators of the list. He is not
even a subscriber to it, and he is not wanted on it. That is because he would
fill it with posts of his rabid ragings of the kind that he produces so
copiously for Marxism. Malecki 's information is pretty unreliable on this
topic - he does not even have the name of the list right.

>Don,t think that you can come here on the public forum with the above kind
of stuff

That is exactly what I do think. Marxism is a PUBLIC FORUM and fortunately for
us all you are in no position to control who can contribute to it. The LEFT
UNITY list intended from the beginning to regulate the style and content of its
discussions in order to achieve a clear focus. Malecki has demonstrated (more
than adequately) that he does not wish to take part in such discussions, indeed
his intention is the opposite. He has claimed on this list that his aim is to
be awkward. That is his right in every public area that will tolerate it. It is
not his right in every area on the net, any more than it would be his right to
intrude his 'awkwardness'  into a conversation in the physical world which has
made it plain they do not require him.

>What would the five man junta have done to Malecki, Ben, Hugh, and PO in
real life if they had state power and not just the power of the present
spoon majority?

Politely invited them to go away and form a discussion of their own that meets
their requirements and not to expect us to do it for them. A revolutionary
state would provide a humane and appropriate solution to Malecki's problems
whether it be therapy or simply putting him together with similar cases, rather
in the way that Lenin & Trotsky proposed to give the anarchists a territory in
which to test their theories.

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