The state (authoritarianism)

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  >  Subject: The state (authoritarianism)
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  >  At the same time, I want to share a little gem of how *not* to
  >  approach this problem, one which I believe illustrates the
  >  convergence between utopianism and authoritarianism which Justin
  >  fears. I'd commend this to all of you who think differences of
  >  opinion will naturally disappear in a communist society. Think
  >  hard about how your opinions differ from the ones below.

 No one has put the position that "differences of opinion will naturally
disappear in a communist society", have they?

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  >  In communist society there won't be elections to choose leaders.
  >  There will be only one party, because workers everywhere (unlike
  >  the bosses) all have a common interest. This party will make and
  >  carry out all policy decisions collectively, in a centralized
  >  way. The choice of leaders -- both individuals and collectives --
  >  will be made the same way it is in the Progressive Labor Party
  >  today.
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Jesus!  I look forward to communism then... one big military camp

Tony Hartin

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