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Louis asked Vladimir about :

>2) Where did Trotsky say there could be a peaceful restoration of
capitalism in a workers state?

I don't know of any instance where he used exactly this form of words. (But
bear in mind that the bulk of Trotsky's writings from 1927 - 29 are still
untranslated.) However, there was at least one period when he approached this
line of thinking, at least by my reading of the documents. For example, his
memorandum 'On Thermidor' in the summer of 1927 refers to the possibility of
Thermidor creeping up 'in a more peaceful way' (In "Challenge of the Left
Opposition" Vol 2 p 258 et seq) ie through some limited executive action
against the Opposition, following a kind of permeation of the state apparatus
by non-proletarian class influences. He also writes here  'Thermidor is a
special form of counterrevolution carried out on the instalment plan .....'.
Even up to a year later, ie after the expulsion of the Opposition leaders from
the Party, his position in the "Declaration to the 6th Congress" is not
markedly different, and he even refers to 'the bloodless kulak revolt of
1927-28'. By October 28 however Trotsky is warning of the danger of Bonapartism
and even of fascism.

OK that was an answer, here is a question. At what stage did Trotsky and/or
other leading Bolsheviks first assert that they had established a "workers
state" ? This is not a trick question, or an invitation to debate the nature of
the "workers state" (though no doubt that is the response it will produce). It
is a matter of exact textual analysis which I am researching and find it quite
hard to get a precise answer about. In many of the documents of 1919 - 1920 the
phrase "proletarian state" is used. What caused the switch and what did it
actually signify ?

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