Peaceful restoration ?

Fri Sep 20 08:54:47 MDT 1996

On Fri, 20 Sep 96 15:23 BST-1 Jj Plant said:
>OK that was an answer, here is a question. At what stage did Trotsky and/or
>other leading Bolsheviks first assert that they had established a "workers
>state" ? This is not a trick question, or an invitation to debate the nature of
>the "workers state" (though no doubt that is the response it will produce). It
>is a matter of exact textual analysis which I am researching and find it quite
>hard to get a precise answer about. In many of the documents of 1919 - 1920 the
>phrase "proletarian state" is used. What caused the switch and what did it
>actually signify ?
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Are you saying there was a difference between "proletarian state"
and 'workers' state"?

I would have thought that the Bolshevik leaders believed they had set up
a proletarian/workers' state from the start, a transitional society on the
road to socialism. But maybe I'm missing the point of your question?

Walter Daum

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