Why i am leaving Jefferson village!

Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Fri Sep 20 13:33:38 MDT 1996

I have decided to leave Marxism at Jefferson Village beccause of the following
letter that was posted to M1 by Louis Proyect who claims to be a leftist.

>Louis: This guy put his memoirs on the Web and it is obvious bullshit. He
>even calls himself a "bullshit artist" in it. He claims to know somebody
>who was connected with the JFK assassination. He claims to have been a
>Hollywood extra. He claims to have been a drug dealer, etc. What a crock
>of shit.
>He says he decided to take the law into his own hands after somebody stuck
>an antiwar leaflet in his hands when he was leaving the factory one day.
>Get that? Somebody sticks a leaflet in your hands and then you decide to
>break the law. He doesn't tell us who the other co-conspirators were. I'm
>dying to talk to these people.
>> I hope you reconsider your vocations plans.
>Louis: By vocation, I am a computer programmer and I think about doing
>something different all the time. My vacation plans are firm, however. I
>want to do some deep investigative journalism and then post it far and
>wide. I also want to shove it down Hans Ehrbar's throat. He was the jerk
>who summoned Malecki back to the list after he had been driven off.

I hope that everyone remembers this letter! It will be quite interesting to
see what Louis has to say after his investigation. If anyone else wants to
confirm Bob Malecki's existence with the material provided feel free to do
so. I doubt if Proyect is honest enough to admit the truth if and when it
comes out. He will more then likely join in the chorus of the Vietnam vets
who tried to prove Malecki false and failed.

I never thought i would see the day when a leftist would write along the
lines of conservative patriotic Vietnam veterans about Malecki. It is very
painful and sad.
And the fact that Jefferson village allows this kind of personal slander in
other then Vladimir.

Warm Regards
Bob Malecki

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