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Thu Sep 12 22:54:32 MDT 1996

>  I don't know what to fuck to call what's going on in South Africa,

> > inadequate in places like South Africa. Is someone going to say that the
> > masses there didn't make a major advance under the Mandela leadership?(Of
> > course on this list someone is, at great length.)

I don't know for sure that the below comments accurately convey
what is going on in South Africa...I am not saying that no advance
has been made...and I don't think this is at great length...but

I spoke with Hillel Ticktin - editor of Critique - at some length about
South Africa several week ago...As some listers no doubt know, Hillel
is a South African who lives in Scotland, teaches at Glasgow University,
and is a vigorous/passionate opponent of market socialism...recently
returned from South Africa, he referred to the ANC as "right-wing"
in its neo-liberal economic program, maintained that the government's
policies were directed at creating an African bourgeoisie in the country,
and essentially hurled epithets at the government for reneging on its
promises to build a lot of housing..he implicated the SACP for its
complicity while suggesting that COSATU was becoming increasingly

what Ticktin said appears to square with some of Peter Marcuse's
comments - not necessarily Marcuse's views, he is noting existing
criticisms - in his introduction to excerpts of a SACP strategy
document appearing in the summer '96 issue of Socialism & Democracy. reference to the SACP, Marcuse writes:

"...a party participating in government and decisionmaking.  No
concrete radical proposals are put forward that would move the
country in the direction of socialism; no radical critique of
government policy is suggested, no alternative program put
forward.  Some voices within the Party (just as within COSATU)
contend that the ANC has been too prone to compromise, has watered
down its commitment to social justice and redistribution, is
compromising workers' rights in order to attract foreign investment,
is moving too cautiously, and is placating too many enemies..."

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