Who is Malecki?

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at mailbox.swipnet.se
Fri Sep 20 16:47:14 MDT 1996

We were treated to a classic posting embodying Louis P's method of
impressionistic insinuation:

>Listen here, Malecki, you bald-headed geek.

Good start. We know who the baddie is...

>This week I took another look at
>Tod Wells' book on the history of the antiwar movement and I could
>find zero reference to any of the actions that landed you in prison.

Hard Intellectual Work.

>Now this is a highly detailed 750 page book with scrupulous

None of Louis P's doing, but strengthens the impression of Hard
Intellectual Work. You know, 750 pages, wow... Footnotes, too. Must be hot.

>The book even mentions the activity of my mom's friend
>Glen Portier from upstate New York.

Reflected glory.

>Glen resisted the draft and went
>to prison in Danbury for a couple of years. When he was there he had
>the guts to put up an antiwar banner on the water-tank on the joint.

Sounds a nice bloke. Maybe that's why he's Louis's Mum's friend and not Louis's.

>Even this relatively minor act gets mentioned by Wells.

The circumstantial evidence is piling up.

>Once I asked Glen asked if he ever heard of you. Nope, he said.

Now we're up to *two* sources. Did Louis ask Glen about the incidents or
just the name?

>Now Glen is
>very well-connected to the civil disobedience wing of the antiwar movement.
>His father is an Episcopalian priest who was close to the Berrigans.

Sez Louis, so it must be right. And related to an Episcopalian priest no less.

>Then I had lunch with today with someone who was deeply involved with
>War Resisters League and knew the civil disobedience scene inside and out.
>He too never heard of you and nobody he knows has heard of you either.

And now the mysterious *someone*. With Louis P's track record, all this
must be unimpeachable evidence of course, even the hearsay... We remember
his account of lunch with Rakesh -- and Rakesh's rather embarrassed
corrections relating to the event.

>You get the picture: these folks don't know Malecki from the man in the

Sure we get the picture. One book (according to Louis P) and two
acquaintances fail to find a match. I'd like to have heard the  way Louis
presented his quest to his acquaintances. "There's this loudmouth
pain-in-the-ass has been bugging me ..." Great way to get people's memories
ticking over.

Before I got on to the marxism list I didn't know Louis Proyect from the
man in the moon. Now, I wouldn't *want* to know him from the man in the

>So do me a favor, Malecki, you loud-mouthed creep.

Back to baddy-baiting again -- what LP does best.

>Tell me exactly what
>month and year you were first arrested for your unlawful protests against
>the war. What city did the trial take place in? I'm going to do a little
>investigative journalism on you the way Zodiac did on Quispe.

It's a free country -- for petty-bourgeois journalists. And I like that
hectoring *exactly* -- McCarthy couldn't have done it better.

>I have two weeks vacation coming up and I want to check the public

This man really has his priorities where they should be.

>I want to see what the newspapers and court records say about
>you. I also want to look up people who were involved in the protest
>you were involved with. I want to put together a dossier on you based
>on the public record and allow people to make their own judgement.

So who's going to stop him?

>I am especially interested to see what your chief phrenologists--Hans
>Ehrbar, Hugh Rodwell, and Vladimir Balenkin--have to say about it
>once it's put together.

If it's up to Louis's usual standard, it'll be full of half-truths,
untruths, omissions, putdowns and self-aggrandizement, and it'll have a
perspective putting his own navel slap bang in the middle of the universe.

>This should be fun.

He who laughs last ...



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