Fitting send-offs

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at
Fri Sep 20 16:47:46 MDT 1996

Richard B wrote:

>A comrade of mine died a few years ago. He had been a Communist, Peace,
>and trade union activist all his life. There was not one mention of that
>at his funeral. Instead of it being a chance to say goodbye to a friend
>and comrade, and a celebration of his life, it was so so sad.
>I hope that someone who really knew her gets a chance at her funeral to
>give her the send-off she deserves.

The family is not a revolutionary institution, and funerals often bring out
the worst in it.

Better organize a memorial. Making ideas resonate is a better than
disposing of a body.

Mind you, getting control of people's deaths from the clutches of the
priests and the worst aspects of the family is a revolutionary task in
itself. Just think of the emotional gains at stake.

Anyone see the great old film SOB with Julie Andrews showing her tits and
some old Hollywood cronies snatching her cop-bullet-riddled director
husband from the funeral parlour for a more fitting send-off?



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