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>Robert Malecki wrote:
>> John writes;
>> >  A while back the question was asked, why did so many trotskyists end up as
>> >neo-conservatives. Another question that could be posed is why virtually all
>> >the CP's in Eastern and Western Europe became social-democrats without
>> >a beat.
>> I think because the Stalinist parties had a working class base. Thus the
>> neccessity of becoming Social Democrats. Just as the Social democratic
>> parties in the west are becoming bougeois parties because of its middle
>> class base.
>> Bob Malecki
>Ah..That answers some questions about why Trotskist parties act the way
>they do
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Malecki as our "anti-Trot" secret weapon:

Yeah Richard!  You have also noted the involuntary confession of Malecki.
He talks himself into the most amazing admissions.

Now he has managed to reveal the actual and real social-democratic character
of Trotskysts: ergo, instead of turning from Communists into social
democrats due to their "working class base" like is the case of the
revisionist crust origitating from those parties of a III international
background, the "IV International" - i.e. the Trotskysts, who have, like all
good social democrats, a "middle class base", actually turn themselves into
"neo conservatives", i.e. openly "bourgeois parties".  Thanks malecki, you
save us so much time in debunking Trotskysm!

It is of course evident too that the same working class that gave sustenance
and "base" to the parties of the III international, will, taking on board
the necessity of re-affirming its revolutionary role vis a vis the
counter-revolutionary offensive of imperialism and world reaction, sooner or
later succeed in cleaning its own stables from the revisionist dross which
the years of reformism and imperialist "bonanza" contributed so much to give
rise and sustain within its ranks.

It is from that same working class base which sustained the III
International that the parties who will retake the road of uncompromising
struggle against the bourgeoisie and imperialism will of necessity arise.

Why will this "working class base" have any reason to embrace Trotskyst
parties? These have never been part of this "working class base", as
recognised by malecki.  On the contrary,  they have always been nothing but
"left" versions of the same old aristocracy of labour - or, in malecki's
innocent words:  They originated from a "middle class base".

It is true what malecki involuntarily says:  The Trotskysts originate from
the very same "base" which sustained and sustains social-democracy, and,
like the good social democrats they are at heart, they are now travelling in
the direction of turning themselves into openly bourgeois parties:
"neo-conservatives" at that!

That is why the sole purpose of the "Trot Unity list" at spoons is to attack
the revolution, and particularly the revolution in Peru, which is led by
communists of the III International tradition.  And that is also why,
malecki - who is a loose cannon and carelessly gives their anti-communist
game away in all its tinsel glory - cannot be allowed to belong in "his
natural habitat", despite all his innumerable protestations of the most
"orthodox" Trotskysm!

I am sure our good ole Bob completely missed the irony of his own admission.
That is why, despite everything, he is still very useful in this list!


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