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Fri Sep 20 16:22:22 MDT 1996

>Thank you Vladimir!
>However i just sent off all the information that Louis the cop? needs to get
>started on his investigation. I have nothing to hide that i have not already
>put in my book. However, you are correct that this is a provacative and cop
>like acting on Louis's part. If he had done the same thing against one of
>the PCP supporters on this list be it Aldolfo, Quispe,Gina or Rolf I would
>immediately ask for his expulsion.
>But in this case i will refrain from demanding an expulsion or and apology.
>He opened his mouth and i think that this time he put his foot in it. Now we
>are all waiting Louis for your dossier on Malecki.
>Warm Regards
>Bob Malecki
>PS: I am sending a copy of the information i sent to the list and Louis to
>you Vladimir. For your information, as the spoon administator.

Look malecki:  Why are you so concerned if what you say is true is actually
so? I, for one, do not believe anyone could ever "fake" you in any way.

So, what if Louis Proyect fails in finding anything to show that "malecki is
not malecki"?.  The really terrible thing would be if he did actuallly
succeeded in proving you a "fake malecki", since there is hardly anything
worse than being an authentic and honest to goodness malecki:  A cockroach
and a pimp - by your own admission!  So, why interrupt his holyday programme
with bogus and unprincipled arguments about a suppossed sanctity of the
background of anyone who comes into this list to parade himself as a
revolutionary?  Since when exposing fakes is impermissible?  Where did you
leran such "principles"?

I totally disagree with you and Bilenkin's protection of masked hoods in
this list.  There is nothing wrong with unmasking criminals and imperialist
agents that may be acting in this list.  The case of the unmasking of
"Quispe" was of paramount importance and not an idle exercise, as proven by
the smashing of Fujimori's offensive against the real organisations of the
PCP abroad and El Diario International in particular.



When you are what you purport to be, no amount of slander can change the
facts, and all investigations can only come out with the truth.  So what is
wrong with that?  That "Quispe" turned out to be what I said he was?  The
biggest Fujimori counterfeit and Manhattan property owner?  Was that in any
way a "bad thing" for the revolution?  No.  Let Louis Proyect investigate,
and the best result of the investigation will be to prove that malecki is
actually malecki:  A Walter Mitty cartoon character with "bolshi" pretentions!

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