George Orwell - Another Nail in the Coffin of Trotskysm

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Sat Sep 21 04:07:21 MDT 1996

>	George Orwell was a great man, he did more for socialism than did
>Stalin, or any of the other supposed great communists you talk about.
>They killed the people they had sworn to help lift out of the gutter (25
>million dead because Stalin couldn't stand having anyone stand against
>him). Orwell on the other hand packaged a great piece of socialist
>literature in a book that was insured a wide audience. The fact that you
>ignore Orwell's support of socialism (as evidensed by the Brotherhood's book
>inside 1984) sickens me. I am proud to be a socialist, but to say that
>communism under Stalin was a workers paradise is a blatent lie.
>	Stalin is the worst thing that ever happened to socialism,
>conservatives couldn't have asked for a better symbol to organize against
>than Stalin. Why??? Because he was them, he was evil, he disregarded the
>workers, he killed those who stood against him, he used his power, not to
>help the workers, but only to help himself, and he did it all under the
>guise of socialism, allowing the right the opportunity to all but destroy
>liberalism everywhere.
>	We on this list should not honor Stalin, we should hate and despise
>him for what he caused to happen to the people of Russia.
>Jeremy Pokela
>jpokela at

George Orwell the snitch and agent of British imperialism is the idol of
this Liberal/Socialist.  Obviously this "Liberal/Socialism" is Rodwell's
socialism too, and it expresses well the ideology of the aristocracy of
labour.  The chauvinistic, pro-imperialist, reactionary and anti-Marxist
ideology of the "labour lieutenants of capital", the British "debutantes"
and the barons of the reactionary press and media.   Everyone is entitle to
their idols and their demons.

It is very good that these gentlemen expose themselves as CLASS ENEMY of the
proletariat and of ALL PROGRESSIVES.  For these fellows to dennounce those
who, not subscribing to communism, may have a good word for REAL, CONCRETE
socialism and the people's struggles in the here and now, and to make lists
of these intellectuals, blackball them and deliver them to the imperialist
secret services and to the barons of the press is fine and dandy and the
"best thing for socialism".

In fact is good that these people present the dychotomy:  Either Orwell or
Stalin.  I am for Stalin and the proletariat. They are for Orwell and
British imperialism and its secret services.  They are ideed the best thing
that ever happen to socialism by negative example!


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