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  >  Date: Fri, 20 Sep 96 14:32:14 GMT
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  >  Gary,
  >  Yes, it is pessimistic.
  >  What is Socialist Alternative ?
  >  Is it the recent split from the ISO ?
  >  There were a couple of strikes bubbling away.
  >  What's happened to them ?

I'll put my two cents worth in here because I was meaning to follow up on
this stuff as well. I mentioned 3 strikes in Melbourne at the time of the
Parliament riot. The first at BTR Spotswood is still going as Jeff informed
and may hot up again as managment are going to try a new push to get scab
maintenance workers into the plant.

The strike at Toyota ended about a week after my original posting. They won
a 18% wage rise over 3 years which I think the workers considered a victory
even though previously they had rejected 12% over 2 years.

The other strike at Shell also ended about 2 weeks after my original
posting. And I'm not sure what the outcome was I kind of think that it was
either a stalemate or a loss. The workers were ordered to close down their
pickets by the Industrial Relations Commission which they did.

Oh and, yes, the origin of Socialist Alternative was in a split/mass
expulsion from the ISO - over a year ago now.

Tony Hartin

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