More ravings from Adolf-O

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at
Sat Sep 21 11:37:45 MDT 1996

Adolf-O rages:

>It is very good that these gentlemen expose themselves as CLASS ENEMY of the
>proletariat and of ALL PROGRESSIVES.

Well, he hasn't called us fascists yet... But words are cheap, so he'll get
round to it soon enough, once he's worked up steam.

>For these fellows to dennounce those
>who, not subscribing to communism, may have a good word for REAL, CONCRETE
>socialism and the people's struggles in the here and now, and to make lists
>of these intellectuals, blackball them and deliver them to the imperialist
>secret services and to the barons of the press is fine and dandy and the
>"best thing for socialism".

I like the quotes round "the best thing for socialism". Who are you quoting

And who supported Orwell turning over fellow-travellers to the bourgeois
state? No-one. Who supported turning over Trotskyist or non-party strike
leaders to the bourgeois state during World War II? The Stalinists.

>In fact is good that these people present the dychotomy:  Either Orwell or
>Stalin.  I am for Stalin and the proletariat. They are for Orwell and
>British imperialism and its secret services.  They are ideed the best thing
>that ever happen to socialism by negative example!

Orwell never presented or represented an organized political alternative to
Stalinism. The Left Opposition and subsequently the Fourth International
did. Stalin did deals with the Nazis and the imperialists that were against
the international interests of the proletariat. Trotsky never did in power,
and never proposed such policies when out of power.

Adolf-O is for Stalin, therefore he's against the proletariat. I am for the
proletariat, therefore I'm against British imperialism and its secret

Such idolizers of the ice-pick as Adolf-O are useless to socialism, even as
negative examples.



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