George Orwell - Another Nail in the Coffin of Trotskysm

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Sat Sep 21 14:56:39 MDT 1996

>	In conclusion, I stand for Orwell and the proletariat, They are
>for Stalin and the gulags, for Stalin and a secret police force to quite
>the masses, for Stalin and one of the greatest injustices that has ever
>occurred. I stand on the side of a socialism in which all of humanity is
>truely equal, they on the side of a communism twisted by paronia into a
>society that was more like an Aristicracy in which equality was ignored
>by the ruling class. Lastly, I (along with Orwell) stand for life, they
>stand for 25 million innocent deaths at the hands of Stalin.
>Jeremy Pokela
>jpokela at
Funny how the Russian working class - the class conscious workers - are not
marching with Trotsky or Orwell (or Rodwell) portraits, but with old Uncle
Joe's visage as an expression of WHOM THEY ARE FOR!

Repeating the absurd lies of the bourgeosie about "25 million dead" only
proves that Orwell's MI6 inspired crap has really found expression on your
scribbles.  Unfortunately, both you and Rodwell and all other advocates of
the imperialist secret services as the generous defenders of "Life and
Socialism" and hard workers for a "truly equal society" hardly can be said
to have even a tenth of the ability as a writer - or even the true passion
for his reactionary cause - of that bourgeois scholar.  In that Orwell
stands head and shoulders - as a really effective anti-communist fighter -
that windbags like you and Rodwell-Orwell.


PS;  Who ever told you that communism was about "equality"?  Liberty,
Equality, Fraternity are the banners of the bourgeoisie - your "socialism"
is the bourgeois socialism of MI6 and the imperialist press Barons like Lord
Rothermere who singing the Trotskyst social-democrat tune (come to think of
it the Liberal tune) of condemning Stalin for "betraying the revolution"!!!!!

You have no idea of class position even if you were to stumble directly upon
it. I recommend that you re-assess your "socialism" and just settle for your
"liberalism".  Our friend Bilenkin - and even Rodwell himself - have the
minimal Marxist formation to let you know how ridiculous is to talk of
"truly equal humanity" and socialism and Marx, or Lenin, in the same breath!

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