George Orwell - Another Nail in the Coffin of Trotskysm

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	The Russian people who are marching with photographs of Stalin
are doing so not because they wish to return to Stalinistic practices but
are doing so because he is the single most recognizabale communist figure
>from history. I would also contend that most of those marchers never
lived under Stalin's regime, Stalin died in 1953 are all of the marchers
over the age of 43, and most likely they would have to be over the age of
55 to even remember what was happening back in Stalinisticly controlled
Russia. And just because they have forgotten their past doesn't mean we
have to ignore it as well, to deny the deaths under Stalin is almost as
terrible as trying to deny the holocaust.
	Secondly I would like to say that equality is the point of
socialism (what would you call lifting the down trodden masses up while
at the same time casting down the higher classes, it is in fact creating
a world where everyone has become at least economically equal). To say
that socialism is not about equality is to deny the fact that you, as a
socialist/marxist/whatever, are trying to destroy the current class
structure because what is the point of throwing down the bourgiouse (mis-
spelled I'm pretty sure) if all we're going to do is replace them with
another upper class. So whether you like it are not our common goal is to
create economic equality.
	Lastly, Stalin did betray the revolution, he allowed himself to
get so caught up in the ends that he forgot that the means you use are as
important as those ends. In doing so he allowed himself to descend from
someone who could have advanced socialism to a petty despot who was
afraid of differing oppinions, he became paranoid and destroyed
everything he had sought to create.

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