More ravings from Adolf-O; through the tears invisible to the world, perhaps?

Robert Malecki malecki at
Sun Sep 22 00:31:20 MDT 1996

Aldolfo writes;
>to say the revolutionary proletariat in countries such as Peru, mexico,
>Philippines, Turkey and Russia too perceives its history, its leaders and
>the true and faithful defenders of its cause.  There is whre Stalin - and
>Mao - hold sway, why Trotsky is the darling of the petty bourgeois
>intellectuals, and that fact will never be changed!

Actually Aldolfo the above arguement does not hold. The groups leading the
Mao-Stalinist parties in the countries Peru, Mexico, Phillipines are at best
maoists that base their theory on peasant guerrilla warfare and the stage
theory of revolution.
This is hardly the Proletariat. In Turket the Stalinists are two parties.
The tradition Stalinists whose politics are based on reformism and the
Maoist groups who base their tactics on adventurist urban guerilla warfare
and perhaps the same kind of warfare involving the Kurds and the national
question. Hardly the Proletariat there either except maybe the reformists
Stalinist party in Turkey. In Russia where the Stalinists actually do have a
mass working class base at least in the older population and the army they
are at best Social Democratic in their politics with a touch of blocking
with facists and ultra nationals parties against the Jeltsin regime.

That Trotskyism attracts a lot of petty bougeois travelers over the years is
quite true. But in the Tea salongs Internationally Stalinism and its front
organisations have been building popular fronts with the BOUGEOISIE for
many, many decades.
>I think that Stalin was a great Marxist-Leninist and a very faithful
>disciple of Lenin and Marx at that.  And further more, I think that the
>historical record - seen from the standpoint of the proletariat - bears this
>out every day the better.

Stalin was a renegade to all things involving Marx or Lenin. His politics
broke sharply with the traditions and policies of the Bolshevik party and
the first four congresses of the Third International. His politics along
with the Anarchists led to the defeat in Spain. In Germany he was
responsible for the victory of facism. And as of late the politics of the
Stalinist bureaucracy has led to the reintegration of half of Europe into
the imperialist block. And in Russia a bougeois counter revolution which
destroyed the Soviet Union.

Now that is what i call a real track record to your hero Stalin Aldolfo.

Instead of learning anything about the politics of Stain and Mao the PCP and
are heading down the same road to disaster for the Peruvian proletariat. In
they are becoming martyrs in and outside of the prisons. If not supporting
one side or the other (Iran or Iraq) Kurdish organisations who are presently
killing each other
where one side is calling on the Americans to bomb the Kurds and the other
is calling on Saddam to bomb the Kurds. Another disaster.

Finally the mini Red Front which you call the WMC and have finall y put in
the water under the protests of some of its supporter. This also is a
disaster for the Peruvian Proletariat.

But don,t give up hope. Louis P. is soft on you. But i doubt if he will join
the WMC.
He is to busy chasing the ghost of Tariq Ali!

Warm Regards
Bob Malecki

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