A voice from Cleveland vs the "left".

Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Sun Sep 22 02:13:56 MDT 1996

A woman from Cleveland writes about Malecki!

He said Cleveland, Ohio (that is USA if you are unaware).  He gave you
the dates.  I am from Cleveland, Ohio.  The facts are correct.  I
checked them a long time ago when reading some of the posts only for
the reason that I wanted to do so.  An intelligent person checks
first...accuses later.

Check the Cleveland Main
Library....Newspapers....Microfische....Cleveland Plain Dealer and
Cleveland Press....possibly the Cleveland News since they did close
during this period.

Perhaps before calling ANYONE a liar you should check your facts.  I
would rather deal with a blatant liar then someone who attempts to
twist facts...and does it so poorly too.

And...before you ask....no I was not involved in the "peace movement"
at all.  I was too busy raising cannon fodder for the next war.

 Her last sentence is and should be a classical slogan for every leftist in
the world!

But beyond that this woman's honesty and courage shows that she has more
balls then the majority of the American left which has a very big
overwheight on the list.

In fact the America left has done nothing for the many people still living
in exile or underground because of the Vietnam war. In fact we have recieved
more sympathy and response from the Vietnam veterans then the American left.

But letters like these from people who were to busy raisin babies as "cannon
fodder" for the next war while the student left went on after the war to
carreer making is both heartwarming and in fact makes all that we have done
and the long years of exile or underground worth.

Hats off to the woman from Cleveland. She outshines the entire American left
who have deserted to synical whing and carreer making.

Warm regards
Bob Malecki
and other people living in exile and underground.

cc: The exile community...


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