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I don't get it. The following post was listed as being sent by Zeynep and
yet was signed (and sounded very much like) Rahul -- except perhaps for the

Could someone, preferably Zeynep or Rahul, clarify, please?



>I've just returned from a lengthy period of being effectively incommunicado,
>only to be stunned and terribly saddened by learning of Lisa's death. I
>still don't know quite how to come to terms with it. I never met her in
>person, and I didn't know her as well as many others on the list, but we
>shared a certain sympathy or affinity, perhaps as the only two scientists
>who contributed regularly. Since it seems to be the thing to do, I will try
>to share a few of my thoughts about her, although I'm rather skeptical about
>the appropriateness of this, since it seems almost a profanation to speak
>about the life of an obviously talented, intelligent, committed, and active
>person only in the context of an Internet mailing list.


>We encountered each other in these and other forums on the question of the
>"debate" between science and the eclectic body of "thought" on it that can
>be lumped under the rubric of the postmodern critique of science. While this
>was an issue she was very passionate about, and while the ignorance and
>smugness of many of the people in the debate infuriated her at times, she
>always kept her cool, unlike me, and always strove to communicate, never
>merely to ridicule. A difficult course, but one bound to produce results if
>enough leftist scientists make similar efforts.
>I don't know what more to say. This is all so inadequate. I wish I had met
>her. I'll miss her. Capitalism, patriarchy, and organized religion in Utah
>can breathe a little easier for a time.

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