Hansom agents provocateurs

hariette spierings hariette at easynet.co.uk
Sun Sep 22 05:41:26 MDT 1996

>Richard Bos uses words carelessly:
>>He was doing his job as a good agent provocateur, and was rewarded
>>hansomly for it.
>        agent provocateur: a secret agent employed to provoke suspected
>        persons to commit illegal acts and so be discredited or liable
>        to punishment.
>Substantiate your charge!
>And think a bit about the real users of agents provocateurs, the Gestapos,
>OGPUs and FBIs of this world (and their lesser brethren in lesser
>I think, by the way, that whoever told you he "was rewarded hansomly" was
>taking you for a ride.

Poor Rodwell-Orwell is complaining about the rate of pay for snitching? What
is all this about?  Are working on setting a "Trade Union" for snitches in MI6?

Up to now the only argument he has put accross in "defense" of his Orwell
has been that it was "only once gov" and to take his "old age into
consideration".  Sounds to me that as QC defending a burglar he only aims at
the pity of the jury!  However, the proletariat is pitiless with snitches
and defenders of snitches, and this will run and run until any Trot who
opens his mouth to regurgitate the MI6 slanders against Stalin and the
Soviet Union is confronted with the taunt of "Orwell"!

In synthesis, Rodwell QC wants to get his defendant off from the charge of
working for the British imperialist secret services on the grounds of "first
offender" and "diminished responsabilty".  Trotskyst are nothing but QC.,
barristers and solicitors for the bourgeosie! Alright, you are only a virgin
once, Rodwell-the-Orwell, comrade of the Azcuetas of this world!

That is all the substantiation that the working class needs to have to know
where you are coming from - From a position as "Left" defender, advocate and
abetter of British intelligence and anti-communist propaganda sponsored and
run agents, organisations and litterati.  What more is there to
substantiate?  For me that is more than enough, even without malecki
re-confirming that Stalin was a great Marxist Leninist by denying it!.  If
malecki - who knows zilch about anything, let alone Marxism or leninism as I
have proven in this list in innumerable occassions, says that Stalin was not
a Marxist, while Mao, Gonzalo and all those engaged in real as oppssosed to
gaseous revolutions say he was, the odds are that there is a great deal of
Marxism in him.

A tree is known by its fruits and a teacher from his disciples:

Chairman Mao Tse-tung, Chairman Gonzalo, people who have led and are leading
concrete revolutions and are targetted by the hatred of imperialism, are
disciples of Stalin, and they acknowledge him explicitly as a great

You tell us which are the fruits of Trotsky's tree and their significance in
world history?  Malecki? Nahuel Moreno? Mandel? Healy? Yourself?  Don't make
me laugh that I am already in stitches!

Chairman Mao Tse-tung vs. malecki?

Chairman Gonzalo vs. Hugh-the-Rosie-Orwell-the-Rodwell?

A mountain in one plate and a gnat in the other and you want further
demonstration?  What sort of spectacles are you wearing when you look in the


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