A voice from Cleveland and Louis P.

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at columbia.edu
Sun Sep 22 07:00:43 MDT 1996

A Voice from Cleveland:
> He said Cleveland, Ohio (that is USA if you are unaware).  He gave you
> the dates.  I am from Cleveland, Ohio.  The facts are correct.  I
> checked them a long time ago when reading some of the posts only for
> the reason that I wanted to do so.  An intelligent person checks
> first...accuses later.

Louis Proyect:
Oh right, this really cinches it.

You do everything except answer a direct question. Who was your lawyer?
What was the month, year and location of your first arrest? Who was
arrested with you?

Perhaps you have forgotten the name of your lawyer. Why just this morning
I woke up and forgot what country I was living in. For a second I thought
I was in Nepal.

Perhaps you need some help with the names of prominent lawyers. I imagine
that only a big-time lawyer would have defended you. Was it Johnny
Cochrane? Clarence Darrow? Perry Mason?

You know what, Malecki. Every day that goes by without you answering these
elementary questions and throwing up huge smokescreens, the more people
will begin to figure you out for what you are: a rat and a provocateur.

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